Exhibition Proposal

Exhibition Proposal


Got an exhibition proposal? This is your call!

We are interested in opening up the stage to YOU to tell us how you'd like to transform our space and how our art gallery is best suited for your visual story to come to life!


Who can apply:

- Artist proposing a solo exhibition with a collection of his/her artworks,

- Group of artists proposing an exhibition of their collective artworks,

- Installation artist proposing an installation, or

- Curator proposing installation/exhibition


Application materials:

- Application fee of $45 (non-refundable)

- CV (include all exhibitions, schooling & workshops)

- Artist/Curatorial statement/bio

- Exhibition proposal: a CLEAR proposal of the exhibition (title, explanation, inventory of artworks and/or sketch of installation). Show us you have thought this through, tell us precisely how you'd display the works involved & what the story/purpose/mission of the exhibition is + why at the Latela Art Gallery. If your exhibition includes works by other artists, include an inventory of images with proper credits. If your exhibition includes only your artworks, include an inventory with all images. Include medium, size & framing information if applicable.


Application process:

After submitting $45 application fee, email all application materials in ONE email to info@lateladc.com, subject: "EXHIBITION PROPOSAL SUBMISSION" by October 12 at midnight.

We will NOT accept ANY submissions after the deadline or any submissions not accompanied by the paid application fee. We will announce accepted artists/proposals by December 1, 2016.


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