Art & Exhibition Design

Art & Exhibition Design


If you’re interested in hosting rotating (or a one time) exhibition(s) in your venue, this is for you!

Our experts will help you create a plan for your venue that fits the aesthetic & begins with an opening reception (everyone loves community building!). This 10-hour Design Package includes:

- One 1-hr consultation to visit your venue & discuss your aesthetic and needs

- Correspondence

- Selection of pieces (Exhibition Design or Inventory including all artworks)

- Exhibition Installation

- Marketing/Press


Although we will be at your opening event (if you decide to have one) this package does not include beverage & food supply at the event. However, we’re happy to use our contacts to find sponsors for your event during our correspondence time!

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Latela Art & Design Hourly Rates:

$150/hour (Art & Exhibition Design Correspondence, Inventory Building, Layout Design & Marketing)

$200/hour (Installation)

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