latela gallery reopneing

+ collection showcase

Latela Art Gallery is pleased to announce its reopening following two months of interior renovation. In its first year, the art gallery maintained an open floor plan for dynamic usage as represented artists also created works in the gallery, using the space as both a studio and exhibition gallery.

During the second year of operation, the gallery space aesthetic aims to reflect the interior design market it sells to as well as provide affordable creative studio space in many dynamic forms. The gallery transformed its interior to include a boutique shop of local-made crafts and art prints, a welcoming sitting area and an office space, which will be utilized by creative co-working members.


The gallery is open to the public for creative rental use (photo shoots, meetings, panel discussions) as well as for intimate gatherings (showers, dinners, gatherings).

The entire Latela Gallery collection will be on view for only two weeks (February 22-March 4) before the gallery’s exhibition programs begin, utilizing the main wall for rotating exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery’s collection will continue to be accessible and may be viewed by appointment once exhibition programming commences.


Collection Showcase. February 22-March 4, 2017 at Latela Art Gallery (716 Monroe Street NE Studio #27 Washington DC 20017, 202-340-3280). Gallery hours (reopening on February 22nd) are Wednesday-Thursday 2-7pm, Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 10-2pm and by appointment. The gallery is also open at other times for creative & wellness events.

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