Weekly Meditation & Energy Healing


We host an ENERGY HEALING workshop with local Energy Healer Rossy in alignment with our commitment to positive vibes in the community

We always focus on MEDITATION. Additional Energy Healing discussions alternate around:

- Crystal Healing & Reiki Basics

- Using Lunar Energy for Manifesting // preparing for New & Full Moon Energy

- Expelling Negativity from your Universe

- Astrology Charts

- Mercury Retrogade

- Self Care

- Stress Management Techniques

- Chakra Balancing

- Finding Your Purpose



$20 suggested donation for newbies.

$10 for repeat participants -or- $10 each if you bring a friend.

Cash only.



There are NO refunds for workshops. Rescheduling is provided for emergency cases, depending on instructor's availability.

Please see directions for how to arrive to the gallery & arrive on time.